Friday, August 10, 2007

Draft JE Jumonville for Secretary of State in '07

In 2003, I had the opportunity to get and know a dynamic individual. He and his wife Bunny have a love for Louisiana which is deeper than the waters of the bayou. I had my disagreements with J.E. but I rather remember what was good about J.E., Bunny, and their family. He had decided to run for Governor at the last minute in 2003. He had lost a previous bid for U.S. Senate in 1986 and was a former State Senator, so J.E. was no stranger to Louisiana Politics or to its people and their plight. Had J.E. been elected Governor in that landmark Gubernatorial election of 2003, there is no doubt in my mind that New Orleans would have been better prepared. He talked about the dangers when no one else would in the forums. He would have been one of the first cleaning up the damage and moving his homestate forward to repair.

But there is a role for J.E. I believe and thats why I started this blog. I believe he would be a wonderful Secretary of State for the state of Louisiana. Having run for Governor and knowing what it felt to be shunned from forums even though he is a former State Senator because he started the race so late in the game. But I believe that experience and experiencing the frustration of not having a voice in the process will make him an excellent person to protect and defend the voting rights of all Louisianians and their access to the political process.

Jumonville is also a successful and talented businessman and as such can sit down with potential CEO's of businesses and work with the next Governor to promote the state of Louisiana and it's economic opportunities.

Finally, as an accomplished former state legislator, Jumonville will not need on the job training. He will be able to work effectively with the state legislature as well as the next Governor to keep rebuilding Louisiana and moving it forward. Jumonville will be a tireless advocate I believe for the state of Louisiana as its next Secretary of State.

His personal business life consists of: farming, ranching, breeder of race horses, oil and gas, general contracting, and insurance, along with sixteen (16) years as a Louisiana State Senator, with the record of listening to all sides, being fair, standing firm on issues that may not be easy and having compassion for the less fortunate. J.E. is the uniquely qualified candidate who "thinks outside the box"! He has the wisdom and experience to be the next Secretary of State for Louisiana. J.E. Jumonville, Jr. knows what Louisiana needs and has the courage to do what shoud be done for the state of Louisiana to prosper.

If you agree with me, then email J.E. at or call 1.225.718.0665 and urge J.E. to toss his hat in the ring and run for Secretary of State.


J.E. Jumonville's BIO


He believes that, "EVERYBODY is SOMEBODY". Lives is in Ventress, LA with his wife of 39 years, Bunny Callais Graduate of L.S.U.

Bachelor of Science, Agricultural Business

Member of Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, LA.

Has three wonderful sons and daughters-in-law with three grandchildren. Tre, married to Stephanie, and daughter, Brooke. Dutch, married to Brittney, and son Hunter and daughter Auldyn. Clayton married to Catherine.